Dr. Wells Story



A few years ago my mom was getting prepared to have a knee replacement. She was mature in age and I didn’t desire to see her suffer through the surgery and the strains of recovery.During that time, I was completing my Master’s Program in Aromatic Studies, and as I was learning about the power of essential oils and herbs; and magically I created Dr. Wells’ Magic Cream as a solution to her knee pain. My family and friends tried the cream and started to use it on various body parts, reporting its success! Dr. Wells Magic Cream has become a staple in the home of my family and customers for an all natural, reliable, homeopathic pain cream. As time evolved, I opened my Holistic Health Practice. I began to see clients for various ailments and issues. As I have helped others heal naturally, the products have developed. These are my own formulas that have helped people around the world, HEAL! I am so grateful that I get to do the same for you!