How to Show Up As Your Authentic Self

How to Show Up As Your Authentic Self

How to Show Up As Your Authentic Self


Show up as your authentic self. Your talents your gifts are important. Your talents are valuable. Your gifts are needed. You are important to this ever changing circle of life here on earth.


Often times, you are challenged to be your “authentic” self. “Be yourself!” Some people will say. “Be You!” Others will demand of you. What does that mean? Who am I?


Perhaps, the best way to unpack this question is to break it down; one question at a time. What does it mean to be ‘my authentic self’? Authenticity is defined as something original or real. It’s the person that you are when no one else is around. You know, that quirky, sorta awkward, caring, and witty side. It’s the natural hair version of you. It’s the wipe the make up off, version of you. Yeah, that part of you… That is your authentic self. The self that you stuff into suits, or the heels that hurt so bad. It’s the self that you put away when you walk into that important meeting. It’s the self that you suppress because society tells you that version “isn’t allowed here”.


Now you may be asking, “If it isn’t allowed, then how can I show up with it?” Great question! Here are 5 tips to enhance your authenticity.


1 - Wardrobe.

You can allow parts of that authenticity to shine through in your outfit. Instead of wearing a dull black pants suit to that meeting, maybe you accent the outfit with wonderful jewelry that is unique to your personality. Everyone loves accent pieces in an outfit.


2- Decor.

In your workspace, whether it is a luxurious corner office or a wonderful cubical, decorate your space with hints of your personality. Do you like animals or travel? Find a nice conversation piece to add to your desk. Do you value family and vacations? Decorate your space with photos of loved ones (don’t go overboard now).


3- Presentation.

Do you have a presentation that you are dreading? Maybe do an opening introduction icebreaker with your favorite song! Please make sure the lyrics are appropriate for your work environment.


4 - Mediation and Breath work.

Take 10 deep breaths before you start your day. This will bring you into alignment and get you grounded, and centered. Visualize yourself being liked, appreciated, and loved as you show up. Allow yourself to feel the love flowing to you. This opens your vibration to acceptance, peace, and positivity.


5 - Believe in you.

Most of the time, people hide their authentic self because they feel unworthy and loved. Practice affirmations that affirm your worth. A great affirmation is: I am worthy of being accepted for who I really am.


The world needs you! Representation as who you really are matters. Lee Daniels said via, “Representation matter; it is, after all, what gives people license to dream”. Be you, and show up as that!


-Dr. Sherian Wells, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master, Chakra Healer, and Mediation Facilitator

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