3 Ways To Effortlessly Invest in YOU

Your best investment is yourself. Whether it’s your favorite item or your favorite food. Investing in yourself boosts morale and self esteem. Here are 3 ways to effortlessly invest in YOU.



#1 : Invest in Mental Wellness - This can be something very simple such as going to a therapist or energy practitioner. Removing negative energy and discussing what your problems are with a neutral reliable source can be life changing.


#2 : Invest in Physical Wellness - Get active! It’s hard, the activity will push you and the thought of a trainer or spinning class can be intimidating. BUT, Health is wealth! Step out of your comfort zone and move! Movement releases hormones for stress management and helps with depression, anxiety, and overall happiness.


#3: Invest in Spiritual Wellness - No matter what you believe, dive deeper into that. Learn all facets of it, connect with it, and take courses in it. Dig deep in to your spiritual practice so that you can connect with your self and what you believe in. The connection with more gives life a sense of purpose. If you feel lost and disconnected, the facilitator of the course or religious leader should be able to offer clarity on your questions and guidance as to how you find your way.


These three investments in yourself will lead you to mind, body, and spirit balance. Ultimately, you will find peace and joy from within. Remember, consistency is the key to any self development.


  • Dr. Sherian Wells, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
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